The old and noble settlements of the City of Jastrebarsko welcome the occasional traveler with the beauty of their white and colorful costumes, the treasures of their baroque churches, a delicious snack and a celebrated good drink. If the proud bird hawk is the first trademark of this town, its second symbol is certainly the green leaf of the vine, which for centuries has grown with the sunny slopes and slopes of Plešivica, ” a beautiful girl with blond curly hair, whose head rests in the stone wing of Okić town. ” (Vlado Vlaisavljevic).

The greatest Croatian poet Antun Gustav Matoš wrote about the Jastrebarsko region: “… a beautiful valley with an ancient mill, forests, villages, churches, oak groves, then a chain of blue, the color of a romantic blurred blue flower of dusty mountains … And around the neck of that beautiful, of wooded mountains with the contours of a dead, happy and idyllic life – a necklace of pearls of mountainous places and wine-growing old villages … This fog is incense, and these beautiful forest mountains are altars. “

The city of Jastrebarsko with its 58 smaller or larger settlements is 30 kilometers southwest of Zagreb, and covers an area of ​​229 square kilometers with 15,866 inhabitants. The development of the City is based on the purity of nature, the production of healthy food and excellent wines, crafts and small businesses, and above all on tourism and the arrival of gourmets, mountaineers, hunters and fishermen.


The most important cultural monuments in the central town, Jastrebarsko, are Erdödy’s Castle, the Franciscan monastery with the pilgrimage church of St. Mary and the parish church of St. Nicholas. The city museum and gallery, located in the old town hall, built in 1826, are a distinctive mirror of the history and culture of our ancient and noble city and its surroundings.

Cultural and historical monuments of the Jaska region are the parish church of St. Peter in Petrovina, the pilgrimage chapel of Marija Snježna in Volavje, the Oršić castle and the parish church of St. Anthony the Hermit in Slavetić, the parish church of St. Anne in Gorica, the parish church of St. George and the chapel of St. Francis Xavier in Plešiv , the parish church of St. John the Baptist in Gornji Desinac, the chapel of St. Paul in Pavlovčani and the gilded altar of the chapel of St. Catherine in Domagović.

Among the attractive picnic areas, we can mention the favorite Mladina, with the famous cellar of Counts Erdödy from 1730 and the famous motocross track, the oldest Croatian toboggan run on Plešivica, and the favorite mountain lodge on Japetić.

Erdödy Castle is the oldest preserved cultural monument in Jastrebarsko. It was built by Ban Matija Gereb between 1483. and 1489. From the beginning of the 16th century until 1922, the castle was owned by the noble Erdödy family. Rebuilt many times in its long history, this square courtyard fortified with two impressive, rounded towers was an important fortress at the time of the Turkish conquests. The inner courtyard of outstanding acoustics is adorned with a porch with arcades and baroque columns. The plaque to the left of the entrance was installed in 1592 by the Croatian ban Toma Erdödy, the winner of the battle of Sisak (1593), the son of the first owner of the castle, Ban Petar Erdödy. In the Jastrebarsko City Museum, several rooms are dedicated to objects and furniture from the castle. Erdödy Castle, which is about to be completely restored, is surrounded by a beautiful English park, today a favorite Jaska promenade.


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Back in Jaska … new Lesic’s mural

The mural “Jump to Jaska” was located in the very center of the city, and was created as a result of cooperation between the Tourist Boards of the City of Jastrebarsko and Dugoreški artist Leonard Lesić after his visit to the Night Museum. The theme of this mural is Count Stjepan Erdödy, and in the picture he is the one jumping over the bench. He was photographed by his nephew, also a nobleman, Karlo Drašković, who shared a love of photography with his uncle Stjepan. A photograph taken in 1895 depicts a stopped movement is one of the first examples of a moment of photography in the world from that time. Karlo Drašković (Bratislava, 1873 – Vienna, 1900) was engaged in photography at a time when national romance had taken over and permeated cultural and social life. He photographed folk costumes, peasants, landscapes and architecture, on numerous trips to Hungary and Croatia. The mural, in addition to its artistic value, also has a communicative value through the inscription “Jump to Jaska” which stands on it. It is such a kind of postcard-invitation with which our city is invited as a guest. Jump! Jaska will welcome you with open arms of welcome!

… February 2021 – Jump to #Jaska 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️

The mural “Jump to Jaska” was painted by the artist Lesić on the wall across the post office in 2015, but as it was removed by construction works, the city’s Tourist Board found a new location, which, according to first impressions, is better and clearer.

“Lesić’s mural, in addition to artistic values, which once again completes the public space of our city, now in a new location, will certainly serve as an interesting culture for photography or at least for a moment invite citizens to stop and wander into the past.” community, which in cooperation with the City and realized this project.


Plešivička wine road

What Jaska is best known for is the Plešivička wine road, opened in 2001, and consists of about forty winemakers with a diverse tourist offer that will proudly take you through their cellars. There you can taste in addition to indigenous varieties such as portugizac, plavec yellow, sweet zelenac and šipelj and world-famous varieties of wine such as chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, sauvignon, Traminer and black, white and Pinot Gris. From year to year, Plešivica wines win numerous awards throughout Croatia and beyond.

The tourist offer of Plešivica Wine Road can be divided into 3 types: all winemakers offer wine tasting in their cellars, some winemakers, in addition to tasting, also have a catering offer, ie offer indigenous local food, the latter in addition to tasting and catering offer accommodation in beautifully decorated accommodation. buildings, with a view of the Plešivica “vineyard” amphitheater that leaves everyone breathless.

The Plešivica Wine Road is decorated with the gentle beauty of the environment through which it passes, cultural and historical sights, tradition and kind hosts. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful Plešivica landscape by engaging in various sports activities such as: cycling, flying sports, hunting, fishing, running or simply walking the slopes of Plešivica. Traditionally, Plešivica wines win numerous awards from year to year throughout Croatia and beyond, so quality wines have become synonymous with the Jaska region.

Spend a pleasant and carefree weekend in traditionally decorated facilities, treat yourself to quality wine and enjoy the view of the Plešivica slopes dotted with vineyards. The kind hosts offer their home-made dishes, and after you are richly entertained, they also offer you a holiday in one of the 5 accommodation facilities on the Plešivička wine road.

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Vranov dol and source of drinking water Dvoršćek

Vranov dol comes from the word ‘VRANO’ and is also a synonym for fertile, fertile, mature and healthy. In addition, Vranov dol was the most numerous growing village in terms of the number of children in the entire area.

With the modernization, in 1967, a water supply system was installed in Vranov dol, after which the inhabitants no longer consumed so much spring water, and the birth rate dropped due to undiscovered reasons.

Thanks to individuals, lovers of nature and tradition, the source of drinking water Dvoršćek has been renovated and has several functions.

The new R8 bike path passes by the spring, so this will be a refreshing station for all cyclists !!!

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Japetić, the highest peak of Samoborska gora (879 m) is one of the famous picnic areas of this area. Due to its preserved natural beauty, it has been declared a reserve of forest vegetation. At the very top is a 12 m high viewing pyramid with a beautiful view of the Samobor Mountains. The view from the terrace of the mountain house on Žitnica is even more enchanting, from where you can see Pokuplje, Žumberak, Klek and even the Alps in nice weather. Due to the excellent cuisine, Žitnica is one of the favorite picnic spots. Numerous, well-marked hiking trails and roads across Draga Svetojanska lead to Japetić.

You can walk to the top of Japetić or Plešivica in just an hour’s walk. It takes you a full two days to tour the popular Jaska hiking trail. Depending on your wishes and possibilities, choose one of the many marked hiking trails and stay in the fresh forest air, enjoy the beautiful views from the peaks and of course refresh yourself with healthy homemade food and drinks upon arrival at the top of the mountain lodge Žitnica, on Japetic. Mountain lodge Žitnica also offers accommodation if you want to extend your stay in nature, take a look around or continue touring the Jaska mountain road.

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“Jaska bike”

Choose your favorite trail, sit on a bike – enjoy Jaska and its natural beauties!

The “Jaska Bike” application offers you as many as 8 different routes through the nature and attractions of Jaska and its surroundings.

Family trail, view trail, stone trail, tradition trail, water trail, heritage trail, nature trail or specific wine trail – each of them offers something special and interesting to every adventurer or tourist, but also to all those who already know Jaska or they have always lived here. Find your path too! Namely, the Jaska Bike application will surely guide you through 8 interesting routes of different characters with the help of your smartphone. With the application, you can prepare and find out about everything you can see on that route, but also what awaits you on it. Getting acquainted with the application in advance will help you choose the best route – since the tracks are precisely thematically done: the distance of the route, the difficulty of the route and the estimated duration. Guided by the app you will learn and discover about; the richness of Jaska gastronomy, heritage and traditional elements – the nature of the beauty of heritage or to find your favorite wine. The city of Jastrebarsko and TZGJ are continuously investing in the development of cycling tourism. After the purchase of electric bicycles and the construction of a modern garage through which visitors can rent e-bikes, 250 km of trails have been marked, and now the Jaska bike application has been created. Soon, cyclists are expecting resorts on these trails in order to additionally enjoy nature. The application is completely free, and if you run out of internet and / or signals, you can follow the trail through downloaded GPX tracks and traffic signals. The data is collected from reliable and verified partner routes so there is no fear that you will get lost if you go into the unknown. And start your route with your tin pet on two wheels or an electric bike that you can rent in the first public garage for electric bikes in Jastrebarsko. Choose your favorite track too!

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Saint Jana spa

Saint Jana is the most spacious and tame part of Prigorje and has always been a destination for excursionists. The largest settlement is on the green ridge of the slopes of Japetić Gorica Svetojanska. St. John can be reached through the village of Petrovina, known for the parish church of St. Petra, and nearby are Rastoci, a small village famous for the fact that it still has a traditional craft – pottery.

In the area of ​​Saint Jana there is a bath and spa, which the people of Jaska like to call the “Old Pool”. A natural water source enters the pool and is a favorite bathing place in the summer months of Jaskane. It is important to note that the bath and the mill located in the immediate vicinity are included in the protection of the “Cultural Monument”.


Water source Jana

Healthy, spring drinking water is today the economic symbol of St. John. The old, very generous thermal spring in the village of Saint Jana spa has long confirmed that this area is extremely rich in quality water. Due to its balanced mineral composition and top quality, Jana spring water, which is filled by Jamnica in the Celine bottling plant, has reached the very top of the world market and achieved exceptional success. The strong water of St. John is not only the famous Jana! Above the village of Lanišća there is a source of healthy, especially favorite drinking water, which due to its ingredients, according to folklore, has a reputation as an aphrodisiac!

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Wine days

Will you be black or white or bald ?! The mayor of Jastrebarsko, Zvonimir Novosel, greeted those present at the opening of the event with a historical sentence from the Croatian film industry (the film Who Sings Evil Doesn’t Think). and winemakers from the Jaska region who carry the name of the city, and then the Zagreb County by participating in numerous exhibitions and wine fairs, where they regularly win notable awards and recognitions.

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Vranov dol 51, Jastrebarsko

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