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In order to ensure a pleasant stay and eliminate possible misunderstandings, please familiarize yourself with the house rules. When confirming the reservation, it is assumed that you are familiar with it and agree with it, and that you will fully comply with it. Failure to follow the house rules may result in cancellation of the reservation and payment of the full price of the stay, regardless of the previous forced departure.

Adherence to the House Rules is something that is expected of every guest.

Personal document's

Upon arrival at the accommodation facility, guests provide the host of the facility with personal documents (identity cards or passports) of all persons who use the accommodation services to register guests in the Evisitor application. Personal documents will be returned to the owner immediately.

Guest stay registration

The host is obliged to register your stay as regulated by its obligations to the competent state authorities of the Republic of Croatia, the Residence Tax Act and the Aliens Residence Act.

Residence registration costs

You pay the costs of renting accommodation in person to the host by paying to the bank account when booking or to other advertisers if the apartment is booked through the same (Booking.com, Airbmb, Buy me). Payment is made in kunas or euros according to the valid and certified price list of services for the current year, which is displayed in the accommodation unit or reduced by the special price if it exists. The invoice will be issued to the guest upon arrival at the facility.

Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the house

The price includes towels, bed linen, tea towels, toilet paper, toiletries (hotel cosmetics), cleaning and dishwashing detergents.

Bed linen is changed at each shift of guests, and guests staying more than 7 days are given clean bed linen every 4 days which guests change themselves. Each guest has at their disposal one large and medium towel and an extra towel located in the bathroom. Sufficient towels are provided in the guest room within the accommodation unit. Used towels are left in the accommodation so that the host can wash them.

When using the holiday home, you are obliged to maintain hygiene and cleanliness yourself, and dispose of household waste in a certain place in the house (bathroom and kitchen). A large collection bin is located next to the outdoor terrace in the pantry, which serves as additional storage for guests, and which houses firewood, cleaning products and brooms.

We ask our guests to protect the environment, to protect the rented accommodation unit and to treat the furniture and equipment in the interior and exterior of the house with care.

The host enters the house

The host has no right to enter the rented holiday home without notice and permission or in the absence of the guest, nor to touch and use the personal property of the guest. The host may enter the facility without the presence of the guest only in cases where he has a reasonable suspicion that the facility or property of the guest is in danger and when there is a reasonable suspicion of a gross violation of house rules. The owner is obliged to inform the guests about his entry in the first next contact. In case of justified suspicion of the host that damage has been done and when there is a justified suspicion of violating the rules of house rules, guests are obliged to allow him to enter the accommodation unit for inspection.

Information and assistance to the guest

The host is at your service during your stay for all the information and help you need. The host is not obliged or responsible for organizing free time and animation of the guest.

Guest property

Guests are kindly requested to take care of their belongings and valuables left in the accommodation unit as the host is not responsible for their eventual disappearance. The host will do everything in his power to protect it and warn the guest about possible dangers. Also, please do not leave valuables in cars.


Bringing pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) into the house is not allowed without the permission of the host. Pets can be allowed in the house only by the host at an additional cost according to the valid price list.

Home security

Weapons, flammable and explosive substances and substances with a strong or unpleasant odor are not allowed in the house. Furthermore, it is not allowed to bring electrical appliances into the house for which you have not obtained the consent of the host. Electricity consumption, which is included in the price of accommodation, does not include unusual additional electricity appliances, and for each consumer found in the apartment, additional electricity costs will be charged in proportion to consumption, regardless of whether they were used or not. This rule does not apply to electrical appliances for personal care.

When going outside, we ask guests to turn off electrical appliances (except possibly one light fixture), close faucets, close windows, and lock doors.

Night peace

Noise is not desirable in the house, especially during a night’s rest both in the building and in the immediate vicinity (due to disturbance to neighbors): on the terrace, yard, garden from 22.00 to 08.00. Violations of order and peace (noise, clutter, noise), allow the host to deny you a stay to your detriment, as if you made that decision yourself.

In addition to appealing to the appropriate behavior of adults, please also pay attention to the behavior of children during the game, and especially to the creation of drafts and slamming doors.

Bringing unregistered guests

Persons who are not guests of the rented accommodation are not allowed to come, spend the night or stay all day or use the inventory without the permission of the host. If persons are found who are not registered or not announced, the host has the full right to cancel the accommodation for all guests.

Compensation to the host

A guest who intentionally or unintentionally commits a breakdown or damage to property will have to reimburse the host for the full amount of the damage incurred. It is not allowed to remove furniture and appliances without special permission. We ask for responsible behavior and handling. On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to personally invite the host to inspect the used facility and household appliances in his presence in order to prove that he has not committed any damage. You are obliged to compensate any damage on the spot. Only then does the guest have the right to leave the accommodation. All damages that are not reported upon departure will be claimed from the guest later in court.

Equipment or device failure

In the event of a malfunction of the equipment or devices within the accommodation unit, please notify the host immediately, and they will try to remove it as soon as possible.

Arrival and departure

The accommodation unit is available from 14:00 on the day of arrival and until 11:00 on the day of departure. We kindly ask you to leave the accommodation by 11.00 on the day of departure so that it can be cleaned and prepared for other guests who come after you and have the right to enter from 14.00. Staying in the apartment after 11.00 unconditionally entails the payment of another 50% of the daily price without the possibility of further stay in the accommodation unit. The keys must be returned at the end of the stay.

As far as possible, the host can allow an earlier entry or a longer stay in the facility, but only at his discretion.

You are obliged to leave the object you rented in the condition you found it on arrival – clean, tidy and undamaged. Thorough arrangement and cleaning of the house is done by the host at each shift of guests.

Non-compliance with house rules

A guest who does not adhere to the house rules and basic rules of conduct and disturbs the peace will be unconditionally canceled accommodation without a refund, all in order to protect their property and prevent actions that could result in physical injury to guests, all due to disrespect of house rules and basic rules of conduct in the house. In case of cancellation of accommodation by the host due to violation of house rules, the guest will be charged the full amount of the booked period, regardless of the shorter stay.


Smoking is not allowed in the house. We suggest all smokers to use the space on the terrace for smoking with the use of ashtrays.

For safety reasons, please exercise extreme caution when lighting decorative candles. Be sure to consider the possible dangers of fire.

Burning fire

It is not allowed to light a fire outside the designated places. The fire can be lit in the living room fireplace, in the outdoor grill by the stream. Grilling is not allowed in the fireplace in the house.

Please be especially careful when using the fireplace in the living room and when using the outdoor grill. Make sure the fire is extinguished when leaving the house and do not leave the firebox unattended.

Please do not put the ashes in the trash can, but leave them in the firebox.

Cancellation of stay by the host

In case of cancellation of accommodation by the host due to violation of house rules, the guest will be charged the full amount of the booked period, regardless of the shorter stay.

Termination of stay by the guest

If you terminate your agreed stay earlier than the agreed or booked date, you are obliged to pay for the stay as agreed and reserved.

Time to pay the price of accommodation

The price of staying in a holiday home for the entire contracted period is charged before using them according to a publicly displayed and valid price list which includes: accommodation, cold and hot water supply, electricity, maintaining the temperature inside the room to a comfortable level, cooking energy , change of laundry and small inventory, parking space, space for additional equipment by category.

The landlord is obliged to “write and issue an invoice” for the service provided as required by law.

Introduction to house rules and possible disputes

At the beginning of the use of the accommodation, it is assumed that the guest is familiar with the house rules and that he agrees to the obligations and conditions set out here. All disputes that cannot be resolved internally with the host will be resolved by the intervention of the police or the court in Jastrebarsko. All complaints are only taken into account if they are reported during the stay. We do not accept subsequent complaints. If the guest does not accept these provisions, he is obliged to leave the accommodation. This house rules have been compiled in accordance with general customs in tourism and according to general standards in tourism.

A book of impressions

Please enter your impressions in the Book of Impressions located in the building. Your suggestions will help us to be even better in the future.

In accordance with Art. 10. Article 3. Of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette 41/14, 110/15), we would like to inform consumers that they can file a complaint in writing e-mail address: bajka@fairytalecom.hr.

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